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It's all about being human

Our Proud Parents Support Group runs once every two weeks, online. We pride ourselves on being an open and inclusive group, offering support and a safe place to talk and learn about the LGBTQ+ Community. We are based in the Midlands and run Social Hubs in Cannock, Stafford, Stoke on Trent and Wolverhampton. We welcome participants to the group from out of the area. 

About us 

The Proud Parents Community is part of Starfish Services Ltd (Charity) and Starfish Health and Wellbeing (CIC) which has a focus on Mental Health and Wellbeing.

We set up the Proud Parents Community, because of the experience some of our team have had being parents to a LGBTQ+ child and having conversations with other LGBTQ+ parents, about sometimes feeling that we were not able to talk about this aspect of our children’s life, or being able to say that we are Proud of who our children are, who they have become, and the distress this can cause because it does not fit into our culture or community values.

Before our children are born, we start to imagine what their lives will be like and the expectations we have for them, in a way we have it all planned out. We want our children to be liked, loved and to fit with our culture or community norms, anything that may be different to these expectations cause us as parents, to feel frightened or worried and feel that we are not sure what to do, which is absolutely normal, we are just human after all.

We want to support parents through these times, learning from each other, and building a community that embodies being a proud parent and the Joy that can bring.

About the groups

Our Groups are ran with Starfish Values: being Human (human experience), kindness and  understanding, creating a safe place for people to be themselves and talk about things that are important to them.

Contact us

If you would like to join our Proud Parents Support Group, please email:

Our Group Rules

Confidentiality - Group attendance and conversations are confidential, and the information that is shared/discussed in the group is considered private to that group and will not be shared outside of this safe space. The only exception to this is if there is a safeguarding concern.

Respectful, use of language, not talking over others, showing compassion and kindness. All group participants have value and have equal standing.