The Social Hubs

What are Social Hubs?

The Social Hub is a face-to-face and virtual social support network, set up and run by a charity called Starfish Services Limited, registration number 1146237, who run projects nationwide to help people improve their mental health. This is a project with a difference, a fresh way to address mental health by actually instead focusing on social health. There is more and more evidence emerging that improving your social health, i.e. getting out of the house, socialising and engaging in simple enjoyable activities, improves your mental health too so we offer a simple programme of activities where socialising is the focus, as we know this builds confidence, self-esteem and social skills, whilst at the same time reducing feelings of anxiety and improving mood.

How do I get referred to the service? 

You can access a number of referral routes. You can speak to your GP or Healthcare provider about a professional referral or you can self refer.
To self refer please email the relevant social hub directly:
Cannock Referral
Stafford Referral
Stoke Referral is via Ixion
Wolverhampton Referral
Alternatively, you can contact the Connect4 Team, who will be able to support you with your self-referral.

Where are the Social Hubs?

We have Social Hubs running in Cannock, Stafford, Stoke on Trent and Wolverhampton. All of the social hubs offer structured workshops, from Managing Anxiety to help Managing Finances. We also run a number of volunteer led workshops and social support groups.