How it started 

"Proud Parents" was created from Two Proud Parents and one Proud Child having a chat... and we all know how conversations open up opportunities! 
We know, from experience, how under-represented the LGBTQ+ Community is in our area, which led onto the conversation of how under supported friends, family and allies are of the community. 
Setting up the Proud Parents Support Group was a 'proud' moment for us all.  

Meet the team 

Catherine is a Trustee of Starfish Services Ltd and Operations Director of Starfish Health and Wellbeing.
Catherine is also one of our Proud Parents. 

Donna is the Hub Coordinator at the Stafford Social Hub. Donna is also one of our Proud Parents. 

Emma is the Hub Coordinator for the Connect4 Project. Emma is also the 'Proud' child (of Barb & Tom!), for the team. 

Our Values & Mission

We believe that people can overcome most things with support from others, and everyone has immense value and something to give (even if they don't know it). Together us humans can do amazing things. By connecting people to each other in a safe place, people grow into an interconnected community that can solve any problem.

Have a place for Parents and supporters of LGBTQ+ children, building together an interconnected community that is helpful, inclusive and wise, and able to guild Parents and supporters, through the some of the difficulties and struggles that having LGBTQ+ children may or can bring.

 (If people can help with this, we want to hear from you)

We want to help remove any stigma or discrimination of being a parent or a supporter of LGBTQ+ children, enable you to become a proud Parent.

We believe in equality.